• Welcome to NPA

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    Navigator Pointe Academy (NPA) is a public charter school established by parents and educators to create a positive environment where knowledge and character intersect.


    Welcome to NPA
  • School Fundraisers

    NPA participates in the following programs:  click here for more information

    Box Tops for Education
    Campbells Soup Labels for Education
    Smith’s Earn & Learn
    Target Take Charge of Education

    School Fundraisers
  • FASSTeam

    The Navigator Pointe Academy FASSTEAM is our volunteer parent organization. Opportunities abound for engaged parents to volunteer their time to the school. Reading to classes, assisting in events, helping with fund raising, and many other fun activities are just a few of the fun projects that our dedicated parents are involved with.

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    The NPA Uniform may be purchased at the following websites and locations:

    French Toast

    Dennis Uniforms

    True Value

    Please view our Uniform Guidelines page for more details.

    NPA Uniform

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  • April 27-28 After School Theater Production 7p
  • Week of May 15 – Kindergarten Assessment Testing

Applications for the 2017/2018 school year has come to a close. We are now accepting  applications for the 2018/2019 school year! Click Here

Don’t forget that your students must bring their own lunch to school.  Microwaves are provided for each class.

Please support the school through our Pizza Days every Wednesday, see the Volunteer page to sign up to help.

If you are interested in learning more about Navigator Pointe Academy we have a tour on the second Wednesday of every month.  Our next tour will be on May 10 at 9am sharp!  


NPA is a great academic school that inspires students to achieve. Lifetime values are taught and students demonstrate them daily! Communication through writing is stressed, modeled, and expected.–NPA Parent

The results are in. My son after struggling in the public system for 4 long years came to Navigator Pointe Academy in 5th grade and stayed on through 9th. The staff at NPA sat through with him, worked with him and helped him turn around. The big wakeup call though came in high school. He attends High School and when he went to math at the beginning of the year, they gave them a test. 3/4 of the class failed and my son was one of the ones that passed with flying colors. He reports that most of his other classes are not so stressful and he himself credits NPA. So when you hear that students at NPA are advanced, it is true. He said that there is a difference in the attitudes of the teachers at his high school and there is no way they would tolerate the kids’ attitudes at NPA like they do at his high school. So I am finally seeing the light and would like to personally thank the staff and teachers at NPA for saving my sons academic future. Thanks so much!–NPA Parent

The curriculum is outstanding! Teachers care.–NPA Student

NPA is a cool school because it prepares my children for success! They become accustomed to high expectations and analytical thinking.–NPA Parent

Would like to say how happy we are with our school Navigator Pointe Academy. It's been a rough road finding them, and feeling so relieved & happy with a school. Our oldest needs some help with school. The younger two do well. But it's no longer teacher by teacher worry if they'll work out. It's just run so well there. I notice just watching all the students there. They just come in & are happy.–NPA Parent

NPA is a cool school because the children can all learn on our own level. We aren't held back by grade level. The director and staff are awesome and care so much about the kids!–NPA Student

My kids excel when they can learn at a speed that is best for them like they do at NPA.–NPA Parent

I owe SO MUCH to the teachers and staff at Navigator Pointe Academy for my daughter exceeding expectations in speech therapy. She started kindergarten not being able to pronounce over half the alphabet and was not able to read. By the middle of kindergarten she not only was speaking more clearly but she was one of the top readers in her class. Last year while in 1st grade she continued speech therapy and was meeting each goal set, and on a higher reading level. Today, she was released from speech therapy and passed all evaluation tests at 100%. I'm so proud of her and all the hard work she put in and also a huge thanks to all that supported her through this time. I started to get teary eyed as the meeting ended today. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL!!!–NPA Parent

NPA is a cool school because everyone is working for the same end result - the success of the student. Also, the wonderful students here care about learning and about each other. It's a place where one can be happy all day long.–NPA Parent

One thing I love about Navigator Pointe Academy is the entire staff seems to know who my kids are and they are so willing to help my son with his "specialness".–NPA PARENT

Navigator Pointe Academy is an amazing school! We've been greatly impressed with the professional, yet warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the outstanding director and staff at NPA. Upon entering NPA, our daughter has excelled in her education and personal growth. Our experience at Navigator Pointe Academy has exceeded our expectations. We would definitely recommend this school to others . –NPA Parent