Today was our last FASSTeam meeting for the year. Thank you to all who came and participated. 

April 17, 2014

1:45 p.m.


(Those in attendance)

Mrs. Farris, Jen Elgan, Stephanee Hunt, Keri Dalton, Kathy Cahoon, Stacy Hansen, Stacey Moutsos, Cindy Whitehead, Shawna Pierce


Stephanee Hunt:

 Book Fair (Heather DeJong & Maelynn McPherron):

Book Fair Dates- March 5-6. / We made $533.00 and have a book credit of $140!

Will Have A+ both times next year. 

 Family Events (Christy Oakeson):

March 7th – Classic Fun had good turnout. Much better venue.

 Spirit Week (Randi Ware & Sandy Carter):

Received more cans than last year for donation (only having 4 days to collect instead of 5 days)

Earned $380.00 through Chick-Fil-A fundraiser

More options for fundraisers next year to be discussed

 Staff Dinners (Cindy Whitehead & Rhonda Hancock):

May 2nd is next dinner- International Potluck. 2 sign-ups- one for main dishes and one for sides.

 Thank You Letters (Laura Smith):

Chick- Fil-A (Emailed Mrs. Carter to verify)


Keri Dalton:

 Terracycle (Melissa Olsen):

 School Spirit Items (Amy Minshall):

 School Uniform Sale (Michelle Ketchum/ Stacey Moutsos):

Sticking to one sale for next year. Will discuss adding more later. Date of next sale is June 12th. Collections will be on June 4th and 5th at NPA.

We need to utilize the unofficial parent FB page to sell during the year.

 Staff Birthdays (Dianna Black & Anna Loveland)

We need volunteers to help make birthday cards for the teachers next year.


Jenni Britton:

 Box Tops (Jen Eschler): Contest going on now to collect for all labels.

 Campbell’s Soup Labels (Laurie Eveland):

The new Campbell’s program – After an online account is created, you choose the organization that you want to support and that is good for only one year.  Every year from the time you chose your organization you will need to get online and rededicate your support for NPA. (Stacey Hansen):

 Museum Tool Box (Camille Gehring):

Need to book NOW for next year.

Pizza Day (Jessica Howard/Melissa Green/Kelly Pettersson/Laura Beagley):

Still low on volunteers. Need to promote that children can come with IF they can stay right by the parent.

Smith’s and Target Rewards Programs (Lisa Eastman):

Smith’s has a new program- Community Rewards. 

 Staff Appreciation Week (Jodi Senior): 

 Talent Show (Rebecca Woodruff & Amy Montgomery):

February 26th- Elementary (1st-4th)

March 4th- Jr. High (5th- 9th)

Went well! Loved having a student MC this year!

Mrs. Farris:

Field Day (Keri Dalton & Mrs. Rushton):

June 4th- Will get a list for volunteers. Mrs. Farris will meet the day before with those in charge.


Service Projects (Lori Brooksby):


Mrs. Pierce:


Car Pool (Adi Jones): Discussed making adjustments to carpool lanes. More discussion later. 

Carpool list may need to be updated? Some are receiving calls when not currently on the list.




 5K/1 mi. FUN RUN– 

We made $10, 016 through the registration and auction.


Year End Celebration-

June 5th

Secretary: Kathy Cahoon        Volunteer Hours YTD- 2076

 FASSTeam Dates:

April 17th-  FASSTeam Meeting

June 4th-   Field Day

June 5th-  Year End Celebration