FASSTEAM Meeting Minutes

Meeting Date: Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Meeting coordinator: Mrs. Elgan/Christy Oakeson

Beginning of meeting @ 2:15 pm
Christy Oakeson-

    • Scholastic Book Club (Tiffany McVey)

-Going well. Plan to expand to all grade level starting next year.

-An additional volunteer will be needed next year to help run this fundraiser/sort books.

  • Pizza Day (Katy Madsen/Shawn Kuchinski/Mike & Maxine Ishida/Norma Jean Morris)
  • Need to promote pizza day volunteers online more
  • Volunteers to be asked to sign up online if they plan to attend. This helps estimate the amount of people still needed to help.
  • School Uniform Sale (Jodie Senior)
  • Thursday, June 8, 2017
  • Spirit Week (Mrs. Farris)
  • HUGE SUCCESS! We were told this was the biggest event Chick Fil A has ever had at this location.
  • Discussion on possibly doing this twice a year.

Cindy Whitehead

  • Box Tops/Campbell’s Soup Labels/My Coke Rewards (Stacy Hansen)

-Box Tops will be sent in before next deadline.

  • Museum Tool Box (Kirsten Nava)

-Not discussed

  • School Spirit Items (Cindy Whitehead)

-We are well stocked with PE shirts/polos

  • Staff Dinners (Sally Whittaker)

-April 28th-All Staff

-Let Mrs. Elgan know the menu and she will get the sign ups online.

  • End of Year Celebration-

-May 31st @ 1:30-3:30 pm

-Location-Sierra Newbold Park

-Volunteers needed:

-Posters needed to be made for ticket booths, tables to display price, and possibly some at the school. Some laminated ones are at the school from previous years and may be used.

-Bunching groups of tickets ($5 increments) together before event.

-Picking up supplies-chips, pop, pizza, etc.

-Someone to arrive at the park earlier in the day to reserve tables.

-Serve food and sell tickets.

-Menu- Tammie Hawker to email Christy the list of what was bought last year. Amount suggested to be tripled due to running out of items last year.

-Contact Sams Club to order individual cotton candy-needs to be done ahead of time(a few weeks). Sams will deliver to the school.

-Shasta to contact Scott Thorne (email-STHORN@shastabeverages.com) to see if they can donate Shasta beverages

-Frito Lay may also donate. Let them know in advance-donations are first come, first serve. If they are unable to donate they may offer a discount if asked.

-Announcements for this event to be done 1 month prior (email) and 2 weeks prior (flier to be sent home) to inform families of this activity.

-Basketball and tennis courts available. NPA might be able to send basketballs to use. Tennis supplies may need to be brought from home or donated.
End of Meeting: 3:00 pm   Secretary: Cindy Gow

FASSTeam Mtgs. are designated to discuss activities related to family, staff and students, and to coordinate the details.
Board Meetings – Many things are discussed in the board meeting each month, some things included are the financial report for funds gained and spent each month and student academic achievement. They follow an agenda, anyone is more than welcome to attend, and if you have a question it will be put on the agenda to be addressed at the following months meeting. Board Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m.
Grant Writing- Anyone interested in writing grants for the school, need to contact Mrs. Farris.
Fundraising is used for curriculum purchases each year, as some of our curriculum is consumable and must be purchased every year (Math, Spelling, and Reading student workbooks, novels, etc.).