January 30, 2014 FASSTeam Minutes

January 30, 2014
1:45 p.m.
(Those in attendance)
Jen Elgan, Stephanee Hunt, Jenni Britton, Keri Dalton, Kathy Cahoon, Laura Beagley, Dianna Black, Jen Eschler, Stacy Hansen, Becky Laroza, Stacey Moutsos, Heather DeJong, and Amy Minshall
Stephanee Hunt:
Book Fair (Heather DeJong & Maelynn McPherron):
Book Fair Dates- March 5-6.
This book fair will be through A+. There will be lots of new books for the students to choose from.
Family Events (Christy Oakeson):
The events have been going well! There were 150 people who participated in the Ice Skating event.
March 7th will be the next event. A change from Jump N’ Bounce to another venue is being discussed.
Spirit Week (Randi Ware & Sandy Carter):
March 17-21 No Updates
Staff Dinners (Cindy Whitehead & Rhonda Hancock):
March 5th-During Parent/Teacher Conferences we will have a sign-ups.
The meals have been going well and are very appreciated!
Thank You Letters (Laura Smith):
Laura is willing to send Thank You letters to any business that donate time/services on school letterhead. Just let her know.
Keri Dalton:
Terracycle (Melissa Olsen):
School Spirit Items (Amy Minshall):
School Uniform Sale (Michelle Ketchum/ Stacey Moutsos):
Mid year sale? Discussed starting next year and possibly have 2-3 sales during the school year. Link to a site through the school website for online sale?
Staff Birthdays (Dianna Black & Anna Loveland)
Donations are going well. The basket is full but we can always use King Size candy bars as well as any gift cards.
Jenni Britton:
Box Tops (Jen Eschler):
Received check for $1230.20 on January 2nd. We are getting TONS of pop tops. Currently we don’t collect but we can set them aside for Primary Children’s if we find that we are still getting them.
Campbell’s Soup Labels (Laurie Eveland):
Still getting and sorting. The amount of labels is down. Is there something we can do to get more involvement?
Mycokerewards.com (Stacey Hansen):
Doing well. We will be getting new jump ropes! We need to get the word out on how to donate to the program. Lids, codes or points online are all options.
Museum Tool Box (Camille Gehring):
Early registration available.
Pizza Day (Jessica Howard/Melissa Green/Kelly Pettersson/Laura Beagley):
Pizza days are going well . The problems that arose during construction seem to have been resolved. Pizzas have not been late since December.  We need more volunteers! Still plenty of slots available to sign up online.
Smith’s and Target Rewards Programs (Lisa Eastman):
Smith’s has a new program- Community Rewards. Sign up online once. Will not have to re-enroll every year.
Staff Appreciation Week (Jodi Senior):
THIS WEEK. February 3-7.
Potato Bar- Tuesday
Lunch- Friday
Treats all week
Talent Show (Rebecca Woodruff & Amy Montgomery):
February 26th– Elementary (1st-4th)
March 4th– Jr. High (5th- 9th)
Mrs. Farris:
Field Day (Keri Dalton):
June 4th
Service Projects (Lori Brooksby):
Books & Bears- exceeded our goal of 500 by getting 679 books and journals
Mrs. Pierce:
Car Pool (Adi Jones):
5K/1 mi. FUN RUN
We made $10, 016 through the registration and auction.
Year End Celebration-
June 5th
Secretary: Kathy Cahoon        Volunteer Hours YTD- 2076
* During Parent/ Teacher Conferences, families will get a card with volunteer hrs. for the year to date. Later might try to incorporate into SIS.
FASSTeam Dates:
April 17th–  FASSTeam Meeting
June 4th–   Field Day
June 5th–  Year End Celebration
FASSTeam Mtgs. are designated to discuss activities related to family, staff and students, and to coordinate the details.
Board Meetings – Many things are discussed in the board meeting each month, some things included are the financial report for funds gained and spent each month and student academic achievement. They follow an agenda, anyone is more than welcome to attend, and if you have a question it will be put on the agenda to be addressed at the following months meeting. Board Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of each month at 5:30 p.m.
Grant Writing- Anyone interested in writing grants for the school, need to contact Mrs. Farris.
Fundraising is used for curriculum purchases each year, as some of our curriculum is consumable and must be purchased every year (Math, Spelling, and Reading student workbooks, novels, etc.).