Land Trust Minutes




** 10/20/2016

6:20 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Attendance: Kristi Anderson, Chair; Jennifer Wahlquist; Adrianne Jones; Barbara Manning;

Judy Farris, Director; Rich Eccles Finance


Meeting Start 6:20

  1. Committee Membership Form

All names submitted

  1. Principal Assurance of Website Postings Form

III.  Approve Final 2015-16 Plan Report (Council Action Required)

Final report was due today to the trust land administrator who looks it                                       over.  Report shows where NPA will use these monies.

Jennifer moved to accept the Land Trust report for 2015-2016

2nd by Barbara

Roll Call: Barbara, yes; Kristi, yes; Jennifer, yes; Adrianne, yes

  1. Current information on Utah’s School Trust Lands- reminded to review and vote on the upcoming ballot
  2. Jennifer moved to adjourn Land Trust committee meeting and go back into board meeting. 2nd by Barbara Manning 6:30

Roll Call: Barbara, yes; Kristi, yes; Jennifer, yes; Adrianne, yes



** 10/15/2015 Minutes


Trust Land Council Business – Motion to enter Trust Land Council – Adi, Second – Barbara, Vote- Adi –yes, Kristi – yes, Barbara – yes

1.  Committee Membership Form

2.  Principal Assurance of Website Postings Form

3.  Approve Final 2014-15 Plan Report – Motion to Approve both forms and final report – Adi, Second – Barbara – Adi –yes, Kristi – yes, Barbara – yes


** 08/20/2015 Minutes


A.      2015-16 School Land Trust Update – Motion To Enter Committee – Kristi, Barbara – Seconds.  Roll Call Vote: Kristi- Yes, Bryan – Yes, Barbara – Yes

  1.  2015-16 Allocation – Increase of funding detailed

  2.  Internet Safety & Digital Citizenship are now part of Land Trusts requirements.  These new requirements have been added to existing training. NetSafeUtah has been contacted for parent training.

  3.  Informing school employees about Land Trust funds – Land Trust will provide handouts for teachers rather than watching video like in the past.

Motion to exit Committee – Motion – Kristi, Second – Barbara. Roll Call: Barbara – Yes, Kristi – Yes, Bryan – Yes