Continuity of Education Plan Summary

Our mission is to ensure that we follow the public health guidelines necessary to protect our students and employees while providing a high quality continuity of education for each student through the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

OBJECTIVE 1: to continue to provide a blended, home-based instruction learning format that is compatible with our chartered classical education program to meet the needs of each of our learners in response to the closure of all Utah schools for the remainder of the school year.

A. Grade-level learning packets prepared by each teacher, using current curricular materials and a deliver system using current established carpool protocols for Packet Pick-up and Drop-off

B. Add on-line learning format at each grade-level using formats the students are already using (Google classroom, Utah Compose, ALEKS, LEXIA, teacher and teacher instructional videos, SPEECH O.T. services, etc.)

C. As allowable, provide in-person instruction, tutoring, for specialized student needs

D. Track student attendance, participation, and work completion for each student, providing feedback and support for students, as needed

E. Communicate with parents on a weekly basis

OBJECTIVE 2: to implement an employee work schedule that balances the academic needs of our students and the guidelines provided by the federal government, state health department, the state office of education, and school administration

OBJECTIVE 3: to use resources and time reasonably as they apply to Navigator Pointe Academy’s chartered program and current policies and procedures

OBJECTIVE 4: to be adaptable to evolving needs and changes due to state health department and state education directives relative to COVID-19 as it impacts the larger community, as well as Navigator Pointe Academy

OBJECTIVE 5: to promote positive and productive support between students, families, co-workers, and outside entities, as we work together to thrive, during this school, community, state, and worldwide challenge