Parent/Teacher Conference is nearly upon us!  It has been a great year so far and we look forward to discussing the progress of your children with you.

Please see the calendar below and select one of the dates that you would like to visit with the teacher.  You will see the available slots to reserve and will be able to mark one for yourself.  Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled slot as we will be running these conferences back to back and will be starting new conferences every 15 minutes.

Steps to reserve your time slot:

1. Select the date you would like to meet.

2. Select one of the available time slots.

3. You will be redirected back to the main calendar page where you will fill out your phone number, name, and email address in case we need to contact you with any special instructions or information.  You may leave any comments for the teacher relative to this meeting in the comment field.

4. After you have successfully scheduled your parent/teacher conference you will be directed to a page with our contact and address information.  We look forward to seeing you!


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