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Books and Bears - At Home Cutting Projects

Date: December 7, 2018

We have some fun activities planned for Books and Bears this year.  We are going to need some help cutting out some animals for bookmarks as well as cut out bookmarks and then punch holes along the perimeter, and lastly cutting strips of paper (1cm wide 12in long).  Go ahead and sign up and we will get the project to your child on Monday, if you could have it back by Friday, that would be great!

Sign up below...

What Name
What Name
Pig Cut Outs #1: Nikki W.
Frog Cut Outs #1: Monica H.
Chick Cut Outs #1: Heather K.
Donkey Cut Outs #1: Calle F.
Eye Cut Outs #1: Derek Q.
Book marks w/ hole punches #1: Dan P.
#2: Shannon M.
Strips of colored paper #1: Elizabeth M.
#2: Tauna C.